Does Ryan Kavanaugh Look Like Harvey Weinstein?

Our Statement Regarding The Ryan Kavanaugh Lawsuit
Ryan Kavanaugh’s first malicious lie is that he claims I pirated his event. fair use is at the heart of this lawsuit, same as with our first lawsuit. We used a short clip of the event during an extremely critical commentary during a 3 hour podcast. Ryan Kavanaugh tries to blame me for his event being widely pirated which is pure defamation. we didn’t even react to the event until days after it was streamed on PPV. If he cared about pirates why did he drop all of his other lawsuits against actual pirates but only kept the one against me?
Why is he suing Teddy Fresh,  a separate and unrelated business entity?
The answer is obviously targeted legal harassment.
He claims I’ve lied about him getting DUIs for example, but i have not made these claims, I am reading from well sourced and respected articles.
Does he not find The New York Times reputable?

"Ryan Kavanaugh, one of Hollywood’s most prominent film financiers, was arrested for drunk driving, speeding and driving with a suspended license in October"

He also claims that i have lied about his nanny not being paid, but once again i’ve just been reading reputable article titles.
Hollywood exec [Ryan Kavanaugh] sued by babysitter in wage spat”
Again, I am not creating any of these claims, 
but merely reading what has already been published by well-respected news sources.
 How is that defamation?

Botting & harassment Accusations.

Ryan Kavanaugh claims that I have been paying hoards of editors and bots.
Every negative comment, any bad review, he blames solely on me, and not the cause of his own poor behavior.
He claims I am solely responsible for every 1 star review triller has received, despite one of triller’s stars and equity holders Noah Beck making a video complaining about the app being flipped.
This video was posted to Triller 
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I have repeatedly mentioned to only give honest and genuine reviews of Triller.
He claims I have encouraged my followers to attack him on social media – something I have routinely discouraged, I have on many occasions told our audience to not harass him or engage with him on social media. 

Our Ryan Kavanaugh Statement: Conclusion

Ryan Kavanaugh is a business elite who is used to suing, harassing and breaking the law with no consequences. He wields the legal system like a malignant tyrant, uses it to silence his critics, and now to stifle fair use, something we all on youtube should care about. 

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